Oh yeah, I’m a mum now

This evening was an interesting new experience for me. As if I needed a reminder, it was a moment that made me smile to myself and think, ‘this is what parenting is!’

I put Millie into the bath and laughed as her tummy gave a quick squeeze and she popped out a little fart. Farts are hilarious at the best of times but hers are always extra cute and worth a giggle. She then began squeezing some more, and harder, and I realised what we had; a bath poo.

I readied a nappy and lifted her out but it was just too late. Without thinking I then sat and scooped out all the poo with my bare hands. My bare hands. This is a scenario I never imagined for myself, and it reminded me of all the things you just do when you have a baby, or child (I’m sure this doesn’t change as they grow!).

It’s like when they’re sick all down your arm or back and you take a quick look and think ‘at least it went on me and not them’, or when you take being bitten or scratched on your face with good humour and simply say ‘nicely, pumpkin’ because you know she’s too tiny to understand yet. Or when your household cleaning products have expanded to include baby wipes (because let’s be honest, they’re brilliant). All of these have been me. Going for a chat at work and having dribble and sweet potato on your top. That’s also been me. Eventually I’m sure I’ll reach into my handbag for a notebook at work and get a half eaten banana or the tv remote too.

It’s all good fun, right?! x