Disturbed sleep

I’ve developed a pretty odd problem of late, and it’s starting to really upset the Mr.

It’s not every night, but a number of times recently when he rolls over in bed at night, I wake up, reach out and grab him. I can’t control it, and though I’m awake I wake quite suddenly and move before I know it, apparently it’s getting a bit annoying.

When I wake up I’m consumed by a fear that he’s rolling off the side of the bed, and I’m trying to stop him by grabbing him. We’ve theorised that it might come from a fear of Millie falling off the bed, but she’s not slept with me for a long while now (sob!) so I’m not so sure.

Although it’s irritating I’ve started to find it quite funny, but when I did it last night Mr P got pretty cross and is apparently losing his patience. I really am convinced he’s falling and somehow I must stop him. In reality if he did fall it wouldn’t be the end of the world, and I really wouldn’t be able to stop him just by grabbing an arm, but it seems I’m trying in any case.

With a one year old who’s been ill this week we need all the shut eye we can get, and this isn’t helping but I’m arguing that it’s not my fault. The feeling that he’s falling is quite overwhelming and not in my control, so I take no responsibility.
Let’s hope it resolves itself soon or I could be at risk of retaliation!