Post party reflections

This afternoon (note how timely this post is? Go me!) we held a little first birthday party for Millie. A few weeks ago I was still planning to do nothing so it was quite last minute but I’m very pleased we managed it.

I absolutely love cooking or baking for people, and I’m always quite determined to have everything homemade, which is wonderful in theory, but never fails to cause me stress. I spent all of yesterday and this morning frantically baking, icing, making sarnies, checking lists, getting mad at how little time I had, and being generally very late. But I made it.

I should also point out that I only made it, and only ever make it, thanks to having lots of help. Some people made delicious goodies to bring along, looked after Millie or walked the dog, helped set up the community hall we’d booked because they arrived before me to an empty room (oops) and then tidied up afterwards too. They are all very lovely, and understand my poor time perception and how disorganised I can be despite my best efforts.

So we all had cake and sandwiches and a bit of chopped fruit and veg (eases the conscience when you’re feeding children) and generally just had a wonderful time. Millie woke up with a gunky, puffy eye that might be a bit of conjunctivitis so she looked a bit like she’d had a row at nursery or something but she perked up considerably seeing all the people and toys and food. Easily swayed with food, just like her mother!

Now in the quiet when I’ve tidied up, Millie’s recovering with a nap and I’ve stopped for five minutes, I feel a little bit overwhelmed. My little tiny baby is about to turn one, and she’s definitely not a little tiny baby anymore, but she certainly is a very lucky girl. She had family and friends all turn up on their days off just to see her today, some travelling considerable distance. It’s just so heartwarming, I feel very thankful.

So I’ve shed a few tears today and will most certainly not have finished before the end of her birthday later this week. This year has gone so fast, and I need to hang on to every second I can and keep building our memories. She’ll definitely be getting a party every year.