Ready made meals

I’m making a confession (and a recommendation) – I’ve started using ready meals for Millie. Occasionally. And not the nice Ella’s or Cow and Gate kind, but the Morrison’s own kind.

They are healthy ones and there’s nothing weird in the ingredients, but still they’re supermarket ready meals, which makes me have an extra helping of mum guilt.

When Millie first started weaning I was all about the DIY. I spent hours making all the different purees myself, dedicating a whole freezer drawer of well labelled bags to her nutritional needs. And I was smug about it.

I also made different meals as she got older and began expanding her tastes…and then I went back to work.

Now I find that I have either no time or energy to keep up the variety of home made meals for Millie, and particularly not since a lot of it goes on the floor! If Dave and I eat something she can have I’ll put a bowl by for the next day, but my planning for what we eat is pretty rubbish anyway so that doesn’t always work.

So a few weeks ago I was trying to get some different meals for Millie so she wasn’t always eating the same stuff (like we so often do) and there was a nice paella in the fresh section. I checked what was in it and just tried it, and the little peanut loves it! Not only is it tasty, a good mix of meat, rice and vegetables, but easy to practice spoon feeding herself or eating with her fingers. Winner!

So tonight I bought another one, and a carbonara too. Six meals in the freezer, meals I don’t normally make at home, saving me time and effort and keeping Millie happy. She still gets a few Ella’s pouches, and some fresh or frozen things I’ve made, so at least we have a mix. I do feel bad about not doing it all myself, but I think that’s an expectation I’ve created in my own head, and it’s not realistic for me. Though social media might make you think all the other mums are doing it themselves, they really aren’t.

If you’re popping into Morrisons soon take a look at the fresh ready meals. You’ve got to try these things and find out what works!

By the way – I know these are low fat versions and Millie’s definitely getting a balance in her diet, just so you know!