I’ve been reading a lot of chat online recently about a movement against parenting perfection. The many pictures of happy, smiling kids, mums who are well organised with nice make up and hair and carefree journeys through parenthood. It’s a lot like social media in general – people only really post the good bits, which we all know aren’t always real life.

I think we’re all guilty of it, I mean who wants to post updates and photos under a status or headline that says ‘my life felt pretty shit today’ (insert appropriate emoticon)?

The fact is that there are the picture perfect days, and there also are the unbelievably hard days, when actually it can feel pretty shitty, and that’s ok. It’s been so important for me to see other mums out and about who look knackered, bond over not having the time to brush your hair, or read from those who are struggling and share the tough times as well as the ‘aren’t they amazing?’ moments.

Whatever your experience or preparation, there is nothing that can really ready you for having a baby, and it’s a total shell shock. Add this to the smack-in-the-face realisation that you are fully responsible for a tiny human and the fact that they’re all slightly different and it’s a flipping minefield. For every expert, blog and friend you can find who give you one piece of advice for your current baby worry, and I’ll give you another five whose experiences or opinions say the opposite.

So the bottom line of today’s ramblings is to say that it’s easier once you acknowledge that; we are all just muddling through, taking each day as it comes and figuring out what works for us, it isn’t always going to be what works for others, and it also might not always look shiny and perfect. Keep up the smiley, happy images, because it really is bloody lovely having a wee one, but keep your perspective too and know we’re all winging it. We’ve all had a little cry sometimes, but we’re still doing an awesome job xxx

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